NFTY Texas-Oklahoma is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Regional Director who oversees all programs and administration.

Meet The 2019-2020 Regional Board

Micah Heilbron, President
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Micah is a rising senior from the wonderful capital of the great state of Texas, Austin. She attends the Liberal Arts and Science Academy and is a member of Congregation Beth Israel, where she finds herself spending lots of time in, from Temple Board meetings, to religious school, to her temple youth group, ATT. Micah also is a proud barista at Starbucks, and yes, she has tried the new drink (whatever that may be), and no she doesn’t like it. In her free time, Micah likes reading and putting glitter on things. She is so honored to have the opportunity to work with this amazing regional board and give back to the youth group and region which has done so much for her. She is a NFTYite now and forever.

Jonathan Kressbach, Programming Vice President
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Hey NFTY-TOR! I’m an incoming senior from San Antonio, Texas, and I can’t be more excited to serve as your next Programming Vice President! I’m a huge nerd about everything from video games to sports and will stop at nothing to support my team (NFTY included!). I’ve spent every summer for the past 10 years involved with Greene Family Camp. I especially love the connections I make with people, and I look forward to creating some of the strongest connections of my life over the next year!

Camille Trawick, Social Action Vice President
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Camille hails from Austin and is completely obsessed with her dogs, snow globes and Game of Thrones. Camille is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and holds the unpopular opinion that The Rolling Stones are better than The Beatles. She is on her school’s tennis and congressional debate teams where she is the Treasurer of the Lake Travis Speech and Debate team. She is also involved in many other student organizations like the National Honors Society and the Cavs in Service program. She is super excited about the upcoming year in NFTY (more than usual if possible) to share the message of Jewish Social Action with her peers through innovative social action programs. From this position, she feels that she can give back to the organization that has given her so much. Camille is very excited to help lead the diverse and beautiful region that is TOR and to touch the heart of every TORite!

Molly Zimmerman, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Molly Zimmerman is so excited to be NTFY-TOR’s 2019-2020 Religious & Cultural Vice President. She is a junior at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, and an active participant in FWFTY, her local temple youth group. Along with participation in TOR she loves acting and singing in her school productions, and she is also a varsity cheerleader. In her spare time, Molly can be found singing karaoke in her room or going to Yogurtland with her friends. She is delighted to be given the opportunity to use her creativity to make NFTY-TOR more fun for everyone! She can’t wait to spend the upcoming year working for the region she loves so much.

Jake Greer, Membership Vice President
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Hey I’m Jake Greer the NFTY-TOR MVP. I’m from Oklahoma City, yes we do still have members in TOR. I love sports, I’m on the baseball team at my school and we are number one in the district! Even with baseball and school I still remain very active in my temple youth group and in TOR. Lets go have a great year! Lassos High🤠

Sophie Appel, Communications Vice President
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Sophie is a junior at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas. When she is not attending Jewish events she is a sound designer in her school’s technical theater program. She is always found either in the theater or outside on some adventure. She will use her adventurous and positive personality to bring out the spirit of NFTY-TOR. She will use her passion for the arts and adventure to create a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Sophie is thrilled to be your next Communications Vice President. She is looking forward to further developing her Jewish identity and working together with her new regional board. She is very excited for the great year ahead.


The NFTY-TOR regional board is supported by a series of cabinet positions, chairpeople and committee members, who assist the board in planning events and programs throughout the year.

2019-2020 Cabinet Chairs & Committee Members

Addie Lamb - Historian & Regional Photographer
Andrew Goldstein - Media Chair & Songleading Committee
Cameron Samuels - Social Action Chair
Caroline Sloter - Songleading Chair
Claire Silberman - Songleading Chair
Connor Larkin -  Ruach Leader
David Lorch - Songleading Committee
Drew Beckelman - Songleading Committee
Eliza Greenberg - Recruitment Chair
Elizabeth Silberman - Regional Photographer
Erin Solka - Social Action Chair
Evie Conway - Regional Photographer
Evyn Gadd -  Songleading Committee
Hannah Tell - NorthTexoma Chair
Isaac Nathan - Songleading Committee
Jonathan Postelnik - Regional Photographer
Lauren Eastin - Songleading Committee
Lindsey Plotkin - Regional Photographer
Mason Concklin - Groupleading Committee
Max Fleisher - Songleading Committee
Myles Deol - Cultural Programming Chair & Songleading Committee
Mimi Ballard - Ruach Leader & Regional Photographer
Rachel Plotkin - CenTex Chair
Ronen Wenderfer - Groupleading Committee
Samantha Simon - Songleading Committee
Sammie Lorch - Ruach Leader
Tori Berman - SoTex Chair & Regional Photographer