• Mental Health Hopscotch: Repairing The World Through Sidewalk Chalk Art…One Smile at a Time

    My name is Carter Matheny and I designed the Mental Health Hopscotch. A Mental Health Hopscotch is a researched-based sidewalk chalk art that helps hoppers improve their mental health. When participants jump on the squares and do the tasks, they are doing activities that are scientifically proven to help boost their mood. Participants do activities

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  • Spring Kallah Update

    NFTY-TOR, As you have seen, Spring Kallah has been cancelled. This was a painful decision, but the health and safety of our community always comes first. The regional board is already hard at work planning virtual experiences, both for the weekend of Spring Kallah and in the immediate future. While we will not be gathering

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  • Camp Magic Extends Beyond the Summer

    By Emery Johnson-Bell Every year my friends would try to convince me to go to year-round events at Greene Family Camp, but I never signed up. I was scared that going to camp for only a few days would somehow take away from the magic of the summer because it had always been this sacred

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