Blog  Introducing our new Website

Introducing our new Website


Hello from our own NFTY-TOR website, after all this time. I hope you can feel my excitement through the screen, because it’s definitely here. This URL means so much to this community. The creation of a NFTY-TOR website has been a sky-high goal present in Regional Board candidates’ platforms for years. The idea of a website separate from URJ Greene Family Camp’s site has seemed too far away to attempt. Being completely straightforward, the regional board platform that I ran on included wanting a NFTY-TOR website, and I was almost entirely sure it was just not going to happen. I began my term on Regional Board with the expectation that NFTY-TOR would continue to use the Greene website, but with a little work from Ethan Lane-Miller, Michaela Rollins, and the entirety of Regional Board, the dream of a NFTY-TOR website became a reality. With graphic design skills that I will never understand and collaboration with Tamar Yanay from the URJ communications team in New York City, our fantastic website was created.

We now have a space to use completely for our own sake. NFTY-TOR’s online presence is no longer a tab within a tab on a separate website. NFTY-TOR has (nearly) endless possibilities on how to utilize our space to fully serve the entire region. This website is an opportunity to weave our community together in a tight connection, send and receive information directly and uniformly, engage potential participants without a previous relationship to Greene, and sign up for events with updated and accessible details.

Thank you to those who made the dream of a NFTY-TOR website possible. Thank you to Ethan and Michaela. Thank you to the lineage of incredible Jewish leaders in NFTY-TOR that saw the importance of a website for our community. Thank you to every TORite who will thrive on this website. I am incredibly thrilled to go on this journey with all of y’all.

Lassos high,

Micah Heilbron
2019-2020 NFTY-TOR President