Blog  NFTY-TOR 2021-2022 Regional Board Candidates

NFTY-TOR 2021-2022 Regional Board Candidates

Meet the candidates for 2021-2022 NFTY-TOR Regional Board


Elections will be held virtually on RJ On The GO’s NFTYx platform. Sign up for the events below, and click the “Join Now” button at the time the event starts.



Evyn Gadd

My name is Evyn Gadd and I am beyond excited to be a candidate for NFTY-TOR President! I am from Plano, Texas and Some cool things about me are I am a HUGE Disney fan, I want to be a History major, and I have the cutest cat in the entire world. I am running for NFTY-TOR president so that all Jewish teens can experience our community that we hold so close to our hearts.

Evyn Gadd Letter of Intent

Evyn Gadd Platform

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Ronen Wenderfer

I am a 11th grader from Houston, TX and I am excited to be a candidate to be your 5781-5782 NFTY-TOR President! I was born in Texas, but I am also half Canadian and have attended several Canadian summer camps. When I am not doing stuff with NFTY, I like to read about political history and watch MSNBC and The West Wing. I love NFTY-TOR and I want others to be able to feel that same love. I found out about NFTY at a young age and was excited to be a part of it. In these troubled times, it helps to be able to connect with other Jews throughout the region and the country. I want every Jewish teen to get the chance to be a part of this amazing community.

Ronen Wenderfer Letter of Intent

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Programming Vice President:

Tori Berman

Hi! My name is Tori Berman and I use they/she pronouns, and here are some fun things about me! I have two older sisters that were both in NFTY, so I have been surrounded by TOR since I was about 7. I love animals, and I have an amazing dog named Maisy. I plan to travel the world some day with my girlfriend, and try to make a change in the current climate crisis.

Tori Berman Letter of Intent

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Social Action Vice President:

Cameron Samuels

Hey NFTY-TOR! I’m Cameron (they/them) from Temple Sinai in Houston. Serving two years as your Social Action Chair, I have been able to grow as a leader while uplifting the members of our sacred community. Outside of working on social justice initiatives with the RAC, you can find me playing ukulele for friends on facetime, designing online apps and websites, or taking fascinating photos of nature.

Cameron Samuels Letter of Intent

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Religious and Cultural Vice President:



Membership Vice President:



Communications VIce President:

Samantha Zelling

Hi, I’m Samantha Zelling! I’m currently a junior at Colleyville Heritage High School and I live in Grapevine, TX. Some of my favorite pieces of media are Adventure Time, the Truman Show, and Sailor Moon. I won a Nintendo Switch in a giveaway and have an Animal Crossing addiction. I’m a part of DECA, Class Council, and Art History club at my school. My favorite color is the Crayola shade of yellow-green. Also, I’m Jewish.

Samantha Zelling Letter of Intent

Samantha Zelling Platform

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